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The last chick standing up against the wall
4 April
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Hi. My name is Bella.

My current shows are: Merlin, Supernatural, Without a Trace, Torchwood, House, Mag 7, Bones, The Wire, Doctor Who. Although I am only fannish about Merlin, SPN, WaT and Mag 7. I still occasionally read in Smallville as CLex is still my forever OTP.

I have a stupidly dysfunctional family. The roll call is: a born-again Christian Dad, an alcoholic Mum (who sometimes hates me and sometimes adores me), a chav lesbian sister and assorted friends who I consider to be family. Namely Stu (big brother), his beautiful wife Anna and their gorgeous daughter (my faux!niece) Evie-B.

I also have misty_girl. My long suffering flatmate. She's awesome and fannish. She also bakes a mean cake. ;-)

I am recently single and soon to be without gainful employment. People are calling these moves 'brave', I am pretty convinced that it's all part of my growing detachment from reality.

I have written fic. If you want links, ask and I shall point you in the right direction.

Save Britney, save the world!
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